David Cassidy

Hello, my name is David Cassidy and I live in California.

I joined 11 Health because I love helping others. I used to help others through youth sports as a coach, and now I’m going to be helping fellow ostomates!

I lost my colon 26 years ago after fighting the raging bull, Ulcerative Colitis. UC may have won that battle, but I still won the war!

While I was fighting UC during that time, it was really inconvenient to think about doing anything but getting through my work day. Once my colon was gone, I was able to start playing beach volleyball like crazy. Overcoming dehydration while playing was difficult at first, but I was able to find the answer and play for 15 years. In half of that time I was at the top of my game which is pretty impressive for a 40 and 50-year-old athlete!

My journey as an ostomate has had many ups and downs which leaves me with so many real life experiences. I can’t wait to meet you all and have some great talks about overcoming adversity!