Rachel Boney

Hello, my name is Rachel Boney. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at the young age of 8, realizing quickly my childhood was being taken away one test at a time.

My disease overcame my life until I was 15 when I decided to take control of what should’ve been mine to begin with. The decision was made to remove this pesky disease and give me an ileostomy.

Once a surgery date was scheduled I quit the school’s cross country team and began independent studies from home. From that point on I dealt with every complication possible for 6 months including sepsis, JP drains, PICC lines and NG tubes. But thankfully after many surgeries I healed, graduated high school via homeschooling (after making up 15 missing credits) and am now happily married and living my best life with my permanent ileostomy.

I may not have asked for my colon to give up on me, but I am so glad it did. My life has never been better. Without my ileostomy I wouldn’t have the opportunities I do to help fellow patients and educate others on what life with an ileostomy and Celiac disease is like. Life is far from easy, but it is a lot more comical when you tell someone what organ you’re missing. Laughter and love will get you through anything!

Rachel Boney - Patient Champion