Rhonda Hayes

Rhonda was born with birth defects that resulted in an ileostomy at a few months of age.

Rhonda was born and raised in Winston Salem, NC. Rhonda is the youngest of four girls. She has had a passion for helping others since a very young age. Rhonda earned a degree in nursing in June of 2006.

She became a pediatric gastroenterology nurse at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston Salem, NC, where she was able to assist patients in understanding diagnosis and treatment of various gastroenterological health problems. Pediatrics was the perfect place to start her career, because of her desire and passion to help children and their families with the same condition as herself.

Due to other health issues, Rhonda had to resign from nursing in 2011. Since that time, Rhonda had been searching for ways to help others. 11 Health has given her the opportunity to continue helping ostomy patients and their families. She believes having an ostomy at an early age has helped her become a more compassionate person. With her desire for helping others, Rhonda feels she will be able to provide excellent support to 11 Health patients.

Rhonda enjoys spending time with family, reading and watching movies.

Rhonda Hayes - Patient Champion