The Program

“When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind”

Dr. Wayne D. Dayer

Our Approach

  • 11 Health is a digital platform offering connected care for patients who live with challenging chronic conditions and use medical bags.
  • Our patients are our core; we are human-centered as well as patient-centered.
  • Our company and programs identify the great value of the knowledge, experience and the invaluable possibility of support provided by peers. Our “patients” are the largest asset for the company: they are our family members and they are the reasons to innovate real solutions to address their needs and improve their quality of life.

We are building an interconnected network of 25 Ostomy Patients to support the ostomy patients, our “customers”.

Our Patient Champions program is a dream that became true where the patients support is recognized in 3 different levels:

  • Knowledge of experience from a Patient to their peers is an advantage over emotional support and a possibility to reduce the learning curve in areas of: ostomy self-care, ostomy supplies, social interaction, job, school or any activity integration and self-knowledge to prevent health complications.
  • Innovation, technology and human interaction are working together to promote Empathy and Trust before and after surgery.
  • Technical Patient support, our patient champions are the best to support our customers through our technology; there is no one else better than who knows the experience in real life.

Our Patient Champions are our TEAM, they became the Research and Design Lab because:

They test our technology

  • They provide real time feedback and data to understand their needs
  • We are all working together to improve our solutions
  • Patients connect with peers to offer support from the technology and patient side
  • They grow their self-knowledge: they empower themselves and their peers by sharing their stories using social media as a platform to reach many others in any part of the world
  • They improve their creativity using human centered design thinking model and storytelling. They also connect physically and virtually with another Champions
Karen Solis
Head of Patient Experience

Karen Solis

Harrison Posner
UK Coordinator

Harrison Posner

Maggie Baldwin
Patient Champions Coordinator

Maggie Baldwin