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Rena Münster - Sweet and Sour Meatballs

What exciting new recipe is Patient Coach Rena Münster cooking this time? Her 'Sweet and Sour Meatballs'! To find out how to make this delicious dish, watch Rena's new video! To learn more about Rena and how she can support
The Patient Coaches Program

The Patient Coaching Program

Kristen Furey, the first-ever Patient Coach, takes you through the journey of being one of our patients. She explains our care program platform as well as our nursing program - both of which our patients play a vital role in! We are 1 family - 1 patient at a time.

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The Patient Coach Program was designed to connect ostomy patients and provide support to help them transition into their new life with an ostomy.

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While a lot of our Patient Coaches have battled Crohn's or Colitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease is not the reason for...Geplaatst door Patient Coaches op Woensdag 1

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Thermal Imaging for the Monitoring of Skin Conditions in Ostomy Patients

At this year’s forthcoming ASCRS conference we will be presenting our data on the use of thermal imaging in monitoring for skin issues in ostomates. Dr Saahil Mehta, a

THE SHIT SHOW - The Importance of Patient Centered Care

Welcome to our very first episode of "Discussions with Doctors!"  - featuring Dr. Robert Fearn (Medical Director, 11 Health), and our guest Dr. David Ziring, (Pediatric GI, Cedars Sinai Medical

Commentary: The 11 Health Patient Coach Program Delivers Quality of Life Benefits to Stoma Patients

Karen Brady: MPN RPSN BCIt is exciting to see the recently released data from Dr Fearn et al. regarding the quality of life benefits provided to ostomates by 11 Health’

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Wait… What?!?My feet are dangled over the edge of my hospital bed. I’m wearing my “street” clothes which is very weird. For the past fourteen days I have