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How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking?

Summertime and the living’s easy…and HOT, so make sure you are hydrating properly! Let’s face it, we all wonder how much are we really supposed to be drinking and are confused about mixed messages of when it’
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Dealing With Diet

It's no secret that having bowel surgery is hard on your gut. Your digestive system is essentially going through trauma, and it can take a while to get your appetite

Three Years with an Ostomy – How Life has Changed with a Stoma

By: Meghan Brown September 1st, 2016 was the day my life changed forever. I dragged myself out of bed early that morning, only to sit in surgery pre-op, counting down

My Top 6 Favorite Things About Living Six Years with my Ostomy

By: Karin Camposagrado It’s my Stomaversary Month!  My sixth stomaversary, to be exact, so I thought I’d share my top six favorite things about my six years of

Chloe Moody - My Sister Caregiver

Patient Coach Chloe Moody is here with her sister Charlotte to discuss having a sibling with a chronic illness! Charlotte talks about how she may not understand what Chloe is
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Better Healthcare by Design

By: Dr. Robert Fearn Patient-centered care has been a fashionable phrase since I entered medical school. It has driven changes in undergraduate training and it forms the basis of every

Rena Münster- My 5 Self-Care Steps

By: Rena Munster Self-care is more than just taking an Epsom salt bath and lighting candles around my home... It's taking time out of a hectic schedule to tend to

Michael Seres - Stem Cell Transplant Update

Michael Seres, Founder/ CEO of 11 Health, has been undergoing a Stem Cell Transplant as part of UCLA. In this exclusive video he explains the struggles of this and what

Alfred SmartCare: The First 12,000 Patient-Days

R. Fearn, S. Mehta, M. Seres Executive SummaryOstomy care is expensive. The cost of all ostomy care including surgery, readmission to hospital, l and dealing with everyday problems that can