11 Health France was involved in the first caregivers and careers conference at Avignon 2019.

One can become focused on the treatment of the disease but sometimes forget the patient.  

11 Health France assisitait ce week-end au premier congrès Soignants / Soignés Avignon 2019.  

"On s'est préoccupé à la perfection de la MALADIE mais on a parfois oublié le patient"  

L’ère du patient "acteur" se dessine...

11Health France participait au 24 km de L’Urban trail de Rennes
Quand le temps vous prouve que la stomie n’est plus une rime avec fin de vie….
Une équipe de 6 personnes s’engage dans une belle aventure sportive et humaine autour des patients stomisés…Quand les forces humaines s’assemblent ,l’impossible devient possible…
11Health Première plateforme connectée au service des patients stomisés

11 Health France participated in the 24 km of the urban trail of rennes. When the time proves that the stoma is no longer a rhyme with end of life....A team of 6 people is committed to a beautiful sports and human adventure around ostomy patients... when the human forces assemble, the impossible becomes possible...11 health first platform connected to the service of ostomy patients


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We would like to welcome Jean-Michel Hedreux! Jean-Michel is a colleague who lives in France. He shares his experience with his ostomy, how the procedure changed his life, and the opportunity it gave him to "live" again. He believes the Patient Coach Program is and will be very beneficial for ostomates, and he wants to show them all that they are not alone! To find out how to contact Jean-Michel and how to become part of the Patient Coaches program, please visit: www.club11health.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/patientcoaches/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoachesPatient Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/patientcoac... Music: www.bensound.com & https://www.free-stock-music.com/

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