We are excited to announce that we have just launched our new dehydration risk test in our “Alfred SmartCare” app. Dehydration in ostomy patients is a huge risk and a leading cause for readmission into the hospital. With the Alfred SmartCare app, you can monitor your hydration levels by placing your finger over the camera and flashlight on the back of your phone. The test will use your heart rate and blood flow and answers to simple clinical questions to calculate your score. This is quick and easy and can be done anywhere at your convenience. Download the app now to take the test and measure your dehydration levels.

Download the Alfred Smartcare App today on all Android and iPhone devices. Take part in our #NEW feature, the #hydration test!  

“Every morning, I start my day by using the Alfred Care app to monitor my hydration. As an ostomate, it’s especially important that I keep well hydrated, but sometimes I’ve been inconsistent with my fluid intake. I get busy, and I forget to drink water. I used to carry around a gallon jug of water just to make sure I don’t forget how much water I’ve had! Now I just use the app to check my hydration risk every morning. The app sets my goal for fluid intake for that day, and every time I drink fluids, I enter it into the app to keep track. I used to drink the amount of water that I thought I should before using the app. I now drink the amount that the app tells me based on my heart rate! It’s fascinating how it works, and it’s already improved my energy levels, reduced my risk of getting migraines, and made my skin healthier. I’m reassured that I’m far less likely to have a problem with my ostomy, due to dehydration. As a Patient Coach, I’m happy that other ostomates will benefit from this technology and be reassured that they are taking proper care of themselves.”
- Katie Vyn, Ostomy Patient