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How My Ostomy Has Improved My Mental Health

By: Kelly Brynn The ten years leading up to my ostomy surgery were incredibly difficult. After years of failed procedures, my body just didn’t function. I was unable to digest on my own and was only able to have a bowel movement with an enema. I was basically stuck

How to Incorporate Self-Care During the Holiday Season

By: Beth Kalbus Holidays can be a hectic time of year. We all have to worry about parties, family, travel, meals, cookies, decorating, cards, letters, phone calls, shopping, wrapping, Secret Santa, and the list goes on! But wait, where is the time for yourself? Where is the time for peace

Happy Thanksgiving! 5 Things I'm Thankful For

By: Kelly Brynn As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I have been thinking more about the last year and how grateful I am for everything that I have been through. For so much of my life, I felt like I missed out during the holidays and for the first time,

How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking?

Summertime and the living’s easy…and HOT, so make sure you are hydrating properly! Let’s face it, we all wonder how much are we really supposed to be drinking and are confused about mixed messages of when it’s best to drink and whether warm or cold beverages

Dealing With Diet

It's no secret that having bowel surgery is hard on your gut. Your digestive system is essentially going through trauma, and it can take a while to get your appetite back. When you have ostomy surgery, you have to be careful with your food choices and slowly introduce new things

Three Years with an Ostomy – How Life has Changed with a Stoma

By: Meghan Brown September 1st, 2016 was the day my life changed forever. I dragged myself out of bed early that morning, only to sit in surgery pre-op, counting down my last few moments with my colon and without an ostomy bag. I stared at my flat, unscarred, untouched stomach

My Top 6 Favorite Things About Living Six Years with my Ostomy

By: Karin Camposagrado It’s my Stomaversary Month!  My sixth stomaversary, to be exact, so I thought I’d share my top six favorite things about my six years of life with an ostomy. My Involvement in the Ostomy Community & Becoming a Patient Coach Being open about my ostomy