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I Looked as Weak as I Felt

The first thing I did after I woke up from my second diverticulitis related surgery and discovered that I had an end colostomy, was feel sorry for myself.

11 Health France - Supporting Ostomates

Jean-Michel est de retour!

The Nurse Program Videos

In the day to day life of the ostomy patient, the support of specialized nurses is essential.

The Patient Coaching Program

Kristen Furey, the first-ever Patient Coach, takes you through the journey of being one of our patients. She explains our care program platform as well as our nursing program - both of which our patients play a vital role in! We are 1 family - 1 patient at a time.

Patient Coaches Instagram

The Patient Coach Program was designed to connect ostomy patients and provide support to help them transition into their new life with an ostomy.