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Michael Seres - Stem Cell Transplant Update

Michael Seres, Founder/ CEO of 11 Health, has been undergoing a Stem Cell Transplant as part of UCLA. In this exclusive video he explains the struggles of this and what has kept him going. What messages would you like to pass on to Michael?

Corwin Crandell - Health Update

Patient Coach Corwin Crandell is here to share with you a few personal health updates! Corwin has recently struggled with pain stemming from his J-Pouch. In addition, he also has an ostomy that has thankfully given his life back. 11 Health wishes Corwin the best of luck for his surgery

Alfred SmartCare: The First 12,000 Patient-Days

R. Fearn, S. Mehta, M. SeresExecutive SummaryOstomy care is expensive. The cost of all ostomy care including surgery, readmission to hospital, l and dealing with everyday problems that can occur with an ostomy is close to $1 billion per year. This is just the fiscal cost to healthcare, and the

Vitamins and Supplements

Since our bodies are not able to consume all-natural nutrients needed for a normal function of our bodies, vitamins and probiotics are one of the most valuable supplements that our bodies can consume. Especially in patients with a J-Pouch or Ostomy. Another important supplement to maintain a healthier body is

Double Baggin' It - Advocating

"Double Baggin' It" is here again with another video! Patient Coaches Danielle Gulden and Joe Teeters discuss how they got involved with advocacy work and becoming active in the Crohn's and Colitis chapter. They recently traveled to Washington D.C. to have the opportunity to be in front of legislatures

Christine Joyce - Hydration Observation

Get ready for another hydration observation! Patient Coach Christine Joyce is here to show the importance of logging how much water you have consumed. As an ostomate, it is essential to stay hydrated at all times! Christine Joyce

Ostomy and Medical Supply Organization

In my life, the need for an organized space to store my ostomy and medical supplies became essential. One spot where I can easily find and locate supplies is one less thing to stress about and is easy to send others to grab those supplies as well. Here is my