My name is Claudine, I have had stage 3 colon cancer and an ileostomy, then I got a reversal.  Durning this process, I had an excellent Patient Coach, Rhonda. She told me all about the Patient Coach program. Now, I hope to be a great Patient Coach, just like her. I like helping and taking care of people a lot. I am always trying to help people out in every way I can.

I was a very active person before my cancer came. I ate super healthy, did yoga, and liked walking and exercising at the gym. Then this last year, at age 49, I got colon cancer and I had to deal with all of the cancer issues. If it weren't for my family, my best friend, and Rhonda and 11 Health, I don’t know what I would have done or where I would be.

I had an ileostomy last year, then I had a reversal surgery this last March. Boy, it’s changed my life a lot. I want to help people during this process with things like how to get used to changing their bag, living day-to-day with it, and even when it leaks and they get frustrated.

My advice is to make sure that you have plenty of supplies in a bag that you take with you at all times. It would be a good idea to have your Patient Coach on speed-dial, just in case you need to talk ASAP. Also, go to your local ostomy support meeting. That will help you get through the struggle. People will be there who have experienced things just like what you are going through with an ostomy. I am excited to be part of the 11 Health team now as a Patient Coach!