On this page, you will be able to see the dates and locations of events we are attending along with descriptions and ideas we want to present. Feel free to let us know if you believe we should attend an event not posted on this page!

We are excited to announce we will be attending the WOCN society’s annual conference. This year it is called the WOCNext! The conference is an event where all WOC nurses gather once a year to advance their training, further their research, connect, and network with other healthcare companies.

At WOCNext, we will be presenting how our Smart Care Platform is personalized for the best care of our patients. We are looking forward to meeting and recruiting new nurses and sharing how our platform connects technology with our one to one Patient Coaching Program to give patients the best possible care.

We will be also introducing the release of our brand-new dehydration test. This test is used through our “Alfred Smart Care” app. You begin by placing your finger over the flashlight/camera on the back of your phone and it monitors dehydration by analyzing your heart rate variability (HRV). Hydration for ostomates is extremely important and vital. Learn more about this test and how to use it at booth 747! Don’t forget to download the app before attending the conference so you are ready!

Come and meet our 11 Health team including nurses, account managers, and our CEO to ask them any questions you have! Come learn about our Smart technology as well as our brand new Nurse’s Program.

We can’t wait to see you there! We will be at booth 747 waiting to meet you.

CEO/ Founder, Michael Seres says:

"ASCRS has been transformative for 11 Health. The conference has given us the chance to showcase the first ever care management platform in ostomy, but this is just the start of our journey."

Accounts Manager, New York, Haley Magee says:

"I think ASCRS was really successful because we had everything organized thanks to Harrison Posner (Accounts Manager in California). When we got to the stand, seeing everything already in place made it exciting. It was a conference where all the people we were talking to were interested in what we did. For example, at HIMSS I would spend time talking to investment bankers where we both didn't understand what the other did. The conference was also exciting because we not only had the booth to talk to people, but Dr. Rob (Clinical Director) was doing presentations. We also had Dr. Eisenstein presenting on us. After he presented, it felt like everyone was talking about our company. People would come up to us and say that they saw our platform and saw that none of the patients were readmitted. Highlighting this moving forward will win us some points. I also think that we spoke to about 250 people and more than half of the people I spoke to would come back the next day with a friend to show them what we're doing. I believe that this excitement will carry over into the WOCN conference. We should have someone presenting us at every conference if possible."

CTO, Bernie Zhao says:

"Thanks to everyone’s efforts, I do believe we have had our most successful conference.

My key takes:

  • There was great planning. We had an astonishing booth design and unique layout that distinguishes us from another boring robotic surgery show. Our bears were obviously a hit, and we should carry on and make it series of different bears. Our Backstreet Boys song just rocks!
  • A simple and powerful pitch. 11 Health’s Alfred is a ‘Care Management Platform for Ostomy.’ This is our gene and our mission. Our SmartBag the same price as any traditional bags but with no additional fees to either patients or care providers. It truly widened everyone’s eyes during the conference. It shows our commitment to this mission and our uniqueness. We are different and are a MedTech startup company not a medical device manufacture. Our company is truly like Tesla, Uber, and Zoom compared to other bag factories.
  • We have matured and commercial-ready product. Lastly, we are commercially live! We heard so many wonderful and world-changing technologies during the show such as AI, robotics, big data, 3D, VR. However, almost all of them lacks the maturity or production deployment today.

‘When are you launching this?’

‘In about 2-3 years.’

‘How many deployments do you have now?’

‘Hmm…a few…well…one.’

‘Are you FDA regulated?’

‘Working in progress.’

Among all of the futuristic products demonstrated, 11 Health’s SmartBag is the only one that’s FDA approved and present in dozens of hospitals. We have been humble, but we already have AI, machine learning, heart rate variability via mobile app that is live on real patients today. We doers not talkers. We don’t say we are changing the world like any other company. 11 Health says we are changing patients’ lives, one at a time!

On our first day, visitors stopped for bears. They dropped their jaws when we demonstrated real-time heart rate recorded from our mobile phone.

After Dr. Eisenstein’s presentation, visitors stopped by and asked, ‘are you the SmartBag guys?’ Over 250 caregivers asked, ‘how can I start using your product?’ They were from America, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Japan, and many more countries across the globe.

A huge buzz?  Oh yeah!"