We'd like to introduce you to Karin Camposagrado, one of the newest coaches joining the Patient Coach Program! Karin knows some of the current coaches and after hearing nothing but great things about the program, she too had to apply! To find out how to contact Karin and how to become part of the Patient Coach Program please visit: www.club11health.com To learn more about Karin and find out how she can support you, please visit: www.club11health.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/patientcoaches/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoachesPatient Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/patientcoac... Music: www.bensound.com & https://www.free-stock-music.com/

The Patient Coach program was brought to my attention on Instagram when the first wave of coaches was getting together for their first Patient Coach training session. I received my ostomy in 2013 after my Ulcerative Colitis got out of control. Having positive support throughout my recovery process was instrumental in shaping my experience and perception of living with an ostomy. Being able to offer that kind of support to other ostomy patients is a way to give back that is close to my heart. I’m so excited to offer my experience to the Patient Coach program and to continue supporting ostomy patients with positivity, encouragement, understanding, and kindness.

Having an ostomy has changed my everyday life in a positive way. It has shown me how to be more grateful and appreciative of what my mind and body are capable of. More than five years later, I’m living a fun life, and though I can’t imagine where I would be without my ostomy, it’s just a small part of who I am. Beyond supporting other ostomy patients, I enjoy keeping my body moving whether it’s through hiking, capoeira, barre, yoga, or having dance parties by myself in my living room with the blinds closed. I also enjoy eating chips, reading, attempting artsy things and recipes I’ve found on Pinterest, playing fetch with my dog, and going on adventures with my husband and friends.