I remember when I was in bed recovering from endometrial cancer, metastatic to colon nearly two years interrupted, between 2013 and 2015.

I was dealing with the symptoms of cancer, an ostomy, a failed surgery, many side effects from medications, intense general pain and other ailments.

I was also dealing with the mental and emotional battle that all aggressive cancer patients have to deal with, perhaps this is the strongest.

I felt torn from all the activities I couldn't do that I could before I was diagnosed. From one day to the next I was confined to be at home, resting, without much that the doctors authorized me to do all while they were investigating and treating the disease, and trying to save my life.

For many months I was suffering and in a lot of physical pain and this was when the cancer returned in 2014. At this time, I received palliative care to help treat the severe pain.

During this time, I felt very weak during my days in bed and I felt as if my body was shaking.

I felt that everything was over.

Starting from my physical weakness I also discovered that my greatest spiritual strength was my FAITH. Opening my heart to receive and treasure the word of God forever, was there to strengthen me in the midst of weakness and the threat of death.

I learned to speak to God from the heart, at every moment I made God my best companion and felt that I depended on Him at every second. Prayer accompanied me to give me physical and spiritual courage and strength from that moment. I can’t imagine living life again far from my faith in God.

It was normal to feel afraid of dying, but greater was the assurance that I felt that God was with me despite all the painful circumstances and bad news that the medical staff gave me. Going through this taught me a premise that changed my life "God has the last word." That affirmation for me means many things! As long as there is life, there is hope for the patients, that we can never lose hope in a second opinion, and that the bitter moments do not last forever!

I had the experience and courage necessary to love life with greater intensity during my battle against cancer.

I have been directed to help others who struggle with a chronic illness, this has given my life direction and passion to continue helping others to live!