Validation of a novel connected "smart" stoma bag to monitor output and skin condition in ostomatesR. Fearn1, D. Ziring2, K. Solis1, I. Dorofeeva1, C. Landon3111 Health and Technologies Inc., Tustin, California; 2Cedars Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, California; 3Ventura County Medical Centre, Ventura, CaliforniaBackgroundIntestinal stomas are frequently constructed by colorectal surgeons

What is your goal as an 11 Health Nurse?

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Club 11 Health

Club 11 Health is a virtual space for the wider 11 Health family to meet. Patient Coaches and patients share personal experiences with people who truly understand the challenges of being an ostomate. Using blogs, videos and social media, Club 11 Health is your online community and support network. So

Rena Münster - Cake in a Cup

Do you like dessert? Well, then you're in luck! Patient Coach, Rena Munster, returns with another delicious recipe she has to share with you!  To learn more about Rena and find out how she can support you, or answer any questions you may have, please visit:  Facebook:

Chloe Moody - What has my ostomy done for me?

Some ostomy patients need surgery due to complications with their illnesses, problems with their colon and or intestines, or for a different reason, like Patient Coach Chloe Moody! Listen to Chloe talk about how having her ostomy really did save her life. To learn more about Chloe and find out

What is 11 Health?

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Corwin Crandell - Parent with an Ostomy

Corwin Crandell, Patient Coach, brings up the conversation about what it's like to be a dad or parent with an ostomy. His son Shaun, joins him as well to give his take on what he thinks of his dad and his ostomy.  To learn more about Corwin and find out