Do you feel alone? Do you have those 3am bag leaks with no one to help? Have you just had ostomy surgery and you’re looking for ostomy education to make things easier? This is what we are here for. We have many blogs and videos helping with various life topics with an ostomy as well as learning the main terms you should know if you have an ostomy.

Alyssa Zeldenrust

Angela and Kaitlyn Kelly

Corwin Crandell

Christine Joyce

Kristen Furey

Rena Münster

Rhonda Hayes

Megan Alloway

Christopher Cosner

Kristen Cosner

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Karin Camposagrado

Sophia and Carmen Park

Katherine Vyn

Ryan Stevens

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Marisa Troy

The Patient Coaches Program is a unique ostomy peer to peer support program that offers guidance, emotional support and education as patients adapt into their new life with an ostomy. Patient Coaches are paired with new or old ostomy patients based on similar medical experiences and lifestyle demographics so their coach can help support them on their new journey with an ostomy in the most empathetic way.

Patient Coaches educate other ostomates with sessions that include hydration, diet, physical activity, social interactions and so much more. The Patient Coach acts as a guide throughout the patients’ whole transition, teaching and sharing experiences and knowledge based on their life with an ostomy.

For further support, contact us now or follow us on our social media channels @patientcoaches (Facebook/Instagram) and @coachespatient on Twitter.