I have a background in Psychology and 2 majors in Sports Psychology and Education. I have been a patient with fibromyalgia for almost 9 years and because of this I have always work towards improving the care system for patients with chronic conditions. I had the immense fortune to meet Michael Seres at the Stanford MedX conference in 2013 and during his speech I was moved by his inspiring words which made absolute sense in my own life experience but the most important it reafirmed my mission in the world.

In 2016, I accepted the challenge of leaving my natal country Mexico to initiate a new adventure in the Unitesd States with 11 Health. Since then, I have experienced day after day the great joy of transforming dreams into reality through this program, where we are dedicated to work for patients with an ostomy. We also recognize the great need to empathize and create solutions that provide the best possible experiences to our patients. We know that there is a great responsibility in what we do and we have taken the challenge completely.Having the honor of leading this program makes me very happy and allows me to continue believing that together we can make of this world a better place.

We have to work hard to get the gold standard version, replicate this model, and serve to benefit other communities that also could take the advantage of a program like the want we have. Our plan is to include all those who have a responsibility in the health system, and during this process work together in order to provide a better quality of life and service.

I’m Xiomara Anaya. I am originally from Colombia but I have been living in United States for almost 11 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and experience in management, health ,and research.

Recently, I enjoyed the 11 Health family and became part of the Patient Experience Department as a Patient Coach Manager. In my role, my mission is to train, engage, and work with our team of Patient Coaches and healthcare professionals in an effort to improve the Quality of Life of patients living with a medical bag or pouch, and also to became aware how it impacts and affects their life in all the different aspects and all states of being. The whole platform of patientcare give me tools necessary to be successful in my job of supervising and assisting on the development of the Patient Coaches team.

I have the honor to lead the first Patient Coach program in the world. The care platform and sensors in the patient’s medical bags derives important information that help the coaching program to coordinate with doctors to stablish and implement individualized protocols to assist patients in leading an improved quality of life. My goal in life is to become the best version of myself and act as an instrument of positive change in my community and I truly hope I can achieve this through my time here at 11 Health.