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Alyssa Zeldenrust - Wasting Time in Hospital

Spending long amounts of time in the hospital as a patient can be extremely tough and difficult at times! Alyssa Zeldenrust was back in the hospital recently and shares some things she did to pass the time!  To learn more about Alyssa and how she can support you, or how

I Looked as Weak as I Felt

The first thing I did after I woke up from my second diverticulitis related surgery and discovered that I had an end colostomy, was feel sorry for myself.

Chloe Moody - What has my ostomy done for me?

Some ostomy patients need surgery due to complications with their illnesses, problems with their colon and or intestines, or for a different reason, like Patient Coach Chloe Moody! Listen to Chloe talk about how having her ostomy really did save her life. To learn more about Chloe and find out

Corwin Crandell - Parent with an Ostomy

Corwin Crandell, Patient Coach, brings up the conversation about what it's like to be a dad or parent with an ostomy. His son Shaun, joins him as well to give his take on what he thinks of his dad and his ostomy.  To learn more about Corwin and find out

Cody Maher - Facing Setbacks

Cody Maher, Patient Coach, and her husband Doug are here to talk about setbacks you encounter with a chronic illness. Cody gives her tips and experiences that have helped her, including communicating what's going on with your loved ones. To learn more about Cody and find out how she can

How to Survive College with an Ostomy

I have had a colostomy my entire life.This year I have just begun my sophomore year of College, and I am excited for what this semester will bring...and confident that I am strong enough to do it.It was always expected, since my ostomy surgery at birth, that