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Rena Münster - Sweet and Sour Meatballs

What exciting new recipe is Patient Coach Rena Münster cooking this time? Her 'Sweet and Sour Meatballs'! To find out how to make this delicious dish, watch Rena's new video! To learn more about Rena and how she can support you, or how you can become a part of the

My Gastroparesis far.

Sierra CabezasI thought after having ostomy surgery that would be the end of my bad health woes. Boy, was I wrong!In early 2014, I got a peristomal hernia repaired. It was my sixth abdominal surgery and came with some major complications. At this point, I had become allergic to

THE SHIT SHOW - The Importance of Patient Centered Care

Welcome to our very first episode of "Discussions with Doctors!"  - featuring Dr. Robert Fearn (Medical Director, 11 Health), and our guest Dr. David Ziring, (Pediatric GI, Cedars Sinai Medical Center)  This episode focuses on Dr. Fearn and Dr. Ziring discussing IBD in patients and how we can help improve

Kristen Furey - Educate Yourself

Kristen Furey is back with another video; however, it's a video about education. She is here to teach you about what an ostomy is and how you can explain it to your fellow family and peers! Educating yourself on your health and your diagnoses are very important, and Kristen is

Alyssa Zeldenrust - Wasting Time in Hospital

Spending long amounts of time in the hospital as a patient can be extremely tough and difficult at times! Alyssa Zeldenrust was back in the hospital recently and shares some things she did to pass the time!  To learn more about Alyssa and how she can support you, or how

Cody Maher - J-Pouch Survival Products

Patient Coach Cody Maher talks about her favorite products she uses to make living with a J-Pouch easier! Have you used any of these products?  To find out how to contact Cody and how to become part of the Patient Coach Program please visit:   To learn more

Sierra Cabezas - My Happy Place

Patient Coach Sierra Cabezas is here to share with you all about what makes up her happy place. What kinds of things make you comfortable at times when you aren't feeling well? Do you have someplace you can escape to?  To learn more about Sierra and how she can support