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Three Years with an Ostomy – How Life has Changed with a Stoma

By: Meghan Brown September 1st, 2016 was the day my life changed forever. I dragged myself out of bed early that morning, only to sit in surgery pre-op, counting down my last few moments with my colon and without an ostomy bag. I stared at my flat, unscarred, untouched stomach

My Top 6 Favorite Things About Living Six Years with my Ostomy

By: Karin Camposagrado It’s my Stomaversary Month!  My sixth stomaversary, to be exact, so I thought I’d share my top six favorite things about my six years of life with an ostomy. My Involvement in the Ostomy Community & Becoming a Patient Coach Being open about my ostomy

Better Healthcare by Design

By: Dr. Robert Fearn Patient-centered care has been a fashionable phrase since I entered medical school. It has driven changes in undergraduate training and it forms the basis of every interview, appraisal, or assessment in a medical career. Though, at times it can feel a little token. As a doctor,

Rena Münster- My 5 Self-Care Steps

By: Rena Munster Self-care is more than just taking an Epsom salt bath and lighting candles around my home... It's taking time out of a hectic schedule to tend to my mind, body and spirit. It’s about practicing saying no to things that don’t serve me and saying

Electrolytes, who?

By: Lindsey Aurbuckle, 11 Health Nurse Standing in the aisle of the grocery store deciding on an electrolyte drink can be as overwhelming as the cereal aisle. Do I pick the one with the brightest packaging? Maybe I should get the variety pack? My wallet will appreciate the one on

Hydration Guidelines by a Nurse and Ostomate

By: Kristin Knipp, LPN With up to 40% of all hospital readmissions after ostomy surgery being due to dehydration [1], it’s clear that many new ostomates are not being armed with the tools they need to mitigate this often-preventable risk that accompanies living with a stoma. As a nurse,

Connecting Ostomy Patients Nationwide - UOAA National Conference

The UOAA National Conference is a community focused event that is designed to provide support, education, and social networking opportunities for ostomy patients across America. This was my second time attending the UOAA National Conference and it was even better than the first! This time, I attended as a Patient