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Vitamins and Supplements

Since our bodies are not able to consume all-natural nutrients needed for a normal function of our bodies, vitamins and probiotics are one of the most valuable supplements that our bodies can consume. Especially in patients with a J-Pouch or Ostomy. Another important supplement to maintain a healthier body is

Ostomy and Medical Supply Organization

In my life, the need for an organized space to store my ostomy and medical supplies became essential. One spot where I can easily find and locate supplies is one less thing to stress about and is easy to send others to grab those supplies as well. Here is my

Digital Innovation Into Practice: A Flying Visit to the UK

Last week, I was privileged to be invited to speak at #DigitalCatalyst19. Hosted by the NIHR Clinical Research Network and AHSN, the event brings together clinicians, academics, and industry to share ideas and solve problems faced by healthcare. Northeast England has a reputation for outstanding healthcare and great partnerships between

Advocating for Yourself as a Patient

I’m still learning how to advocate for myself, but I’m grateful for all of the lessons and experiences that have helped me understand what it means to be your own advocate.As patients, it’s essential that we learn how to advocate for ourselves. While I was in

Look how far we have come

Dr Robert FearnOne year ago, I stood up at the New Technologies Symposium at ASCRS. The American Colorectal Society and introduced the Alfred Alert Sensor. A flexible metal strip attached to the outside of an ostomy and provided both patient full-bag alerts and overall stoma losses.The significance of this

Full Circle Support with the 11 Health Nurse Program

Being an ostomy patient myself, the need for care specifically for ostomy concerns post-hospitalization is clear. Ten years ago, I resorted to an online search for my post-surgical care. I have experienced firsthand the confusion, the lack of knowledge, and the lost feeling a patient goes through after heading home

Packing for Travel with an Ostomy

Karin CamposagradoI’ve liked to get out of town frequently for as long as I can remember, even if it’s just a couple hours away. That didn’t change after I had ostomy surgery. Six weeks after surgery, I visited friends a few hours away and I haven’t