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My Faith Helped Me Fight Cancer

I remember when I was in bed recovering from endometrial cancer, metastatic to colon nearly two years interrupted, between 2013 and 2015. I was dealing with the symptoms of cancer, an ostomy, a failed surgery, many side effects from medications, intense general pain and other ailments. I was also dealing

Colon Camp Magic

By Phuong Ly-Gallagher What is Colon Camp?  Simply put, it’s magic. The Colon Club’s annual retreat is lovingly referred to as Colon Camp.  We bring together colorectal cancer survivors and caregivers of all backgrounds, from all over the country, for a week of pampering and relaxation.  Oftentimes this

A New Ostomy App Made Just For You

Valentine’s Day - A Love Letter to Ostomates I have an ostomy, so I know what it’s like to feel isolated and confused after surgery, and searching the web for hours to find people “like me,” hoping to get answers to a thousand questions. I know what it’

I had an Eating Disorder on Top of Short Bowel Syndrome

By: Chloe Moody “You’re not skinny anymore.” These words hit like a train coming from my pediatric gastroenterologist. In that moment, my entire identity had been compromised, diminished, erased. How could I not be skinny anymore? Having short bowel syndrome, it was like a requirement to be underweight, to

Tips to Achieving Remission

By: Dr. Neil Nandi, IBD-OLOGIST at Drexel Gastroenterology “IBD flares can occur independent of the best care. However, ensuring treatment without interruption and avoiding flare triggers can make all the difference for a happy gut!"1.Don’t Stop Your Medications, Even if You Feel Great.This is exactly the

How Sleep Hygiene Has Affected my Chronic Illness

By: Charlotte Rensberger If you search the internet, numerous sources will discuss a link between sleep, mental health, and chronic illness. But there are still many questions that science has not yet answered. "We do know that patients with anxiety, depression, bipolar, and ADHD all report that they have various

How I learned I had PTSD from Surgery

By: Taylor Carmack When you’re sick for a long time, being sick is the only thing you know. For me, everything in my life changed so I could live my life to the fullest with my illness. I woke up two hours earlier than I needed to so I