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Better Healthcare by Design

By: Dr. Robert Fearn Patient-centered care has been a fashionable phrase since I entered medical school. It has driven changes in undergraduate training and it forms the basis of every interview, appraisal, or assessment in a medical career. Though, at times it can feel a little token. As a doctor,

Rena Münster- My 5 Self-Care Steps

By: Rena Munster Self-care is more than just taking an Epsom salt bath and lighting candles around my home... It's taking time out of a hectic schedule to tend to my mind, body and spirit. It’s about practicing saying no to things that don’t serve me and saying

Michael Seres - Stem Cell Transplant Update

Michael Seres, Founder/ CEO of 11 Health, has been undergoing a Stem Cell Transplant as part of UCLA. In this exclusive video he explains the struggles of this and what has kept him going. What messages would you like to pass on to Michael?

Alfred SmartCare: The First 12,000 Patient-Days

R. Fearn, S. Mehta, M. Seres Executive SummaryOstomy care is expensive. The cost of all ostomy care including surgery, readmission to hospital, l and dealing with everyday problems that can occur with an ostomy is close to $1 billion per year. This is just the fiscal cost to healthcare, and

Ostomy Exercises

Episode 1Wondering about how you can workout with an ostomy? Patient Coach Ryan Stevens and Nurse Manager Maggie Baldwin are here to help! They have different exercises to show for the upper body that are comfortable for ostomates. Episode 2Patient Coach Ryan Stevens and Nurse Coordinator Maggie Baldwin are here

Digital Innovation Into Practice: A Flying Visit to the UK

Last week, I was privileged to be invited to speak at #DigitalCatalyst19. Hosted by the NIHR Clinical Research Network and AHSN, the event brings together clinicians, academics, and industry to share ideas and solve problems faced by healthcare. Northeast England has a reputation for outstanding healthcare and great partnerships between

Alfred Smartcare - Hydration Test

We are excited to announce that we have just launched our new dehydration risk test in our “Alfred SmartCare” app. Dehydration in ostomy patients is a huge risk and a leading cause for readmission into the hospital. With the Alfred SmartCare app, you can monitor your hydration levels by placing