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Thermal Imaging for the Monitoring of Skin Conditions in Ostomy Patients

At this year’s forthcoming ASCRS conference we will be presenting our data on the use of thermal imaging in monitoring for skin issues in ostomates. Dr Saahil Mehta, a plastic surgeon, provides his analysis here ahead of the conference.Living with a stoma has its challenges. For any new

THE SHIT SHOW - The Importance of Patient Centered Care

Welcome to our very first episode of "Discussions with Doctors!"  - featuring Dr. Robert Fearn (Medical Director, 11 Health), and our guest Dr. David Ziring, (Pediatric GI, Cedars Sinai Medical Center)  This episode focuses on Dr. Fearn and Dr. Ziring discussing IBD in patients and how we can help improve

Commentary: The 11 Health Patient Coach Program Delivers Quality of Life Benefits to Stoma Patients

Karen Brady: MPN RPSN BCIt is exciting to see the recently released data from Dr Fearn et al. regarding the quality of life benefits provided to ostomates by 11 Health’s Patient Coach Program. As a nurse and nurse practitioner working with this patient population for over twenty years, readmission

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Wait… What?!?My feet are dangled over the edge of my hospital bed. I’m wearing my “street” clothes which is very weird. For the past fourteen days I have been wearing a hospital gown. I’m anxiously awaiting my nurse to return. Today is the big day. D-Day. Discharge

Remote patient education sessions result in increased confidence levels which further leads to higher user engagement.

CASE STUDY P. Daneshyar1, R. Belk1, K. Solis1, R. Fearn1111 Health and Technologies Inc., Tustin, CaliforniaIntroduction11 Health’s patient coaching program pairs new stoma patients with a patient coach. A patient coach is a trained health coach who has experienced the same clinical condition. The coach acts as a patients