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Tips to Achieving Remission

By: Dr. Neil Nandi, IBD-OLOGIST at Drexel Gastroenterology “IBD flares can occur independent of the best care. However, ensuring treatment without interruption and avoiding flare triggers can make all the difference for a happy gut!"1.Don’t Stop Your Medications, Even if You Feel Great.This is exactly the

How Sleep Hygiene Has Affected my Chronic Illness

By: Charlotte Rensberger If you search the internet, numerous sources will discuss a link between sleep, mental health, and chronic illness. But there are still many questions that science has not yet answered. "We do know that patients with anxiety, depression, bipolar, and ADHD all report that they have various

How I learned I had PTSD from Surgery

By: Taylor Carmack When you’re sick for a long time, being sick is the only thing you know. For me, everything in my life changed so I could live my life to the fullest with my illness. I woke up two hours earlier than I needed to so I

How My Ostomy Has Improved My Mental Health

By: Kelly Brynn The ten years leading up to my ostomy surgery were incredibly difficult. After years of failed procedures, my body just didn’t function. I was unable to digest on my own and was only able to have a bowel movement with an enema. I was basically stuck

Better Healthcare by Design

By: Dr. Robert Fearn Patient-centered care has been a fashionable phrase since I entered medical school. It has driven changes in undergraduate training and it forms the basis of every interview, appraisal, or assessment in a medical career. Though, at times it can feel a little token. As a doctor,

Rena Münster- My 5 Self-Care Steps

By: Rena Munster Self-care is more than just taking an Epsom salt bath and lighting candles around my home... It's taking time out of a hectic schedule to tend to my mind, body and spirit. It’s about practicing saying no to things that don’t serve me and saying

Michael Seres - Stem Cell Transplant Update

Michael Seres, Founder/ CEO of 11 Health, has been undergoing a Stem Cell Transplant as part of UCLA. In this exclusive video he explains the struggles of this and what has kept him going. What messages would you like to pass on to Michael?