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How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking?

Summertime and the living’s easy…and HOT, so make sure you are hydrating properly! Let’s face it, we all wonder how much are we really supposed to be drinking and are confused about mixed messages of when it’s best to drink and whether warm or cold beverages

Electrolytes, who?

By: Lindsey Aurbuckle, 11 Health Nurse Standing in the aisle of the grocery store deciding on an electrolyte drink can be as overwhelming as the cereal aisle. Do I pick the one with the brightest packaging? Maybe I should get the variety pack? My wallet will appreciate the one on

Hydration Guidelines by a Nurse and Ostomate

By: Kristin Knipp, LPN With up to 40% of all hospital readmissions after ostomy surgery being due to dehydration [1], it’s clear that many new ostomates are not being armed with the tools they need to mitigate this often-preventable risk that accompanies living with a stoma. As a nurse,

Ostomy Exercises

Episode 1Wondering about how you can workout with an ostomy? Patient Coach Ryan Stevens and Nurse Manager Maggie Baldwin are here to help! They have different exercises to show for the upper body that are comfortable for ostomates. Episode 2Patient Coach Ryan Stevens and Nurse Coordinator Maggie Baldwin are here

Full Circle Support with the 11 Health Nurse Program

Being an ostomy patient myself, the need for care specifically for ostomy concerns post-hospitalization is clear. Ten years ago, I resorted to an online search for my post-surgical care. I have experienced firsthand the confusion, the lack of knowledge, and the lost feeling a patient goes through after heading home

Commentary: The 11 Health Patient Coach Program Delivers Quality of Life Benefits to Stoma Patients

Karen Brady: MPN RPSN BC It is exciting to see the recently released data from Dr Fearn et al. regarding the quality of life benefits provided to ostomates by 11 Health’s Patient Coach Program. As a nurse and nurse practitioner working with this patient population for over twenty years,