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My Faith Helped Me Fight Cancer

I remember when I was in bed recovering from endometrial cancer, metastatic to colon nearly two years interrupted, between 2013 and 2015. I was dealing with the symptoms of cancer, an ostomy, a failed surgery, many side effects from medications, intense general pain and other ailments. I was also dealing

Cancer Doesn't Discriminate

By: Keyla Caba Cancer.. It doesn’t discriminate; it is a disease that can and does affect us regardless of social status, race, gender, age, religion and sexuality. When I was told shortly after my 30th birthday that I would need a hysterectomy I felt the wind being knocked out

How My Support Dog Has Given Me Purpose

By: Sierra Cabezas She gives me a sense of purpose even when I feel I have nothing to give or do.     Ever since I became disabled and most of days became home bound, I discovered a new appreciation for pets. What I didn’t know at the time was just

The Power of The Ostomy Community

By: Rena Münster For me, part of adjusting to life with an ostomy was getting involved in the ostomy community. I remember being overwhelmed with emotion walking into my first UOAA support group. It was refreshing to be in a room with 25 other people who all had an ostomy.

I Celebrate My Life With You Even In The Hard Times

By: Bethany Lowe Although “in sickness and in health” is part of the vows you state when you get married, it’s sometimes easier said than done. My husband, Louis, and I have dealt with this since before we were engaged or married because he met me right after I

Struggling to Gain Traction: When Stoma Surgery Leads to Complications

By: Noelle Schuyler Surgery Recovery- now what?! I’ve always been someone who is prone to unique complications when it comes to my Crohn’s disease. Weird side effect of a new medication? It’s likely I’ll experience it. Odd surgical complication? I’m there! I spent the week

How Sepsis Almost Killed Me

By: Sarah Vasilakos This January marks 12 years since my own personal experience with developing and surviving sepsis. Anytime we have an infection, chemicals are released into the bloodstream leading to an inflammatory response to occur. This is our body’s defense mechanism to “fight off” the infection and start