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5 Ways to Improve Hospital Stays

By: Alyssa Zeldenrust Hospitals are terrible places for healing, but I’ve picked up a few tips for making the best of a certainly bad situation. After many years I’ve become more of an expert than I’d like through a lot of trial and error. Here are a

I Have Mom Guilt Because of IBD

Have you ever heard of the term “mom guilt”? It’s essentially the concept of feeling like you can’t be an effective mom because of other obligations or factors. Mom guilt is present in the lives of most moms in some way, shape, or form, and I am not

How I Found the Ostomy Support I Needed

By: Chloe Moody What would you do if your child was born with a rare, life threatening disease and given a colostomy bag just days after birth? Probably the first thing my parents did: look for support. My parents joined the UOAA in 2001, two years after my birth when

I Feel Like an Imposter In The World of Disabilities

By: Karin Camposagrado Ever wondered what it's like to have a disability? I think it's a different experience for everyone. I saw a variation of a quote by Angel Chernoff the other day that really sums up my experience of living with a disability, it said "If the grass looks

My Faith Helped Me Fight Cancer

I remember when I was in bed recovering from endometrial cancer, metastatic to colon nearly two years interrupted, between 2013 and 2015. I was dealing with the symptoms of cancer, an ostomy, a failed surgery, many side effects from medications, intense general pain and other ailments. I was also dealing

Cancer Doesn't Discriminate

By: Keyla Caba Cancer.. It doesn’t discriminate; it is a disease that can and does affect us regardless of social status, race, gender, age, religion and sexuality. When I was told shortly after my 30th birthday that I would need a hysterectomy I felt the wind being knocked out

How My Support Dog Has Given Me Purpose

By: Sierra Cabezas She gives me a sense of purpose even when I feel I have nothing to give or do.     Ever since I became disabled and most of days became home bound, I discovered a new appreciation for pets. What I didn’t know at the time was just