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Chloe Moody - My Sister Caregiver

Patient Coach Chloe Moody is here with her sister Charlotte to discuss having a sibling with a chronic illness! Charlotte talks about how she may not understand what Chloe is going through, but she is always here to support and listen to her sister. Chloe Moody

Michael Seres - Stem Cell Transplant Update

Michael Seres, Founder/ CEO of 11 Health, has been undergoing a Stem Cell Transplant as part of UCLA. In this exclusive video he explains the struggles of this and what has kept him going. What messages would you like to pass on to Michael?

Corwin Crandell - Health Update

Patient Coach Corwin Crandell is here to share with you a few personal health updates! Corwin has recently struggled with pain stemming from his J-Pouch. In addition, he also has an ostomy that has thankfully given his life back. 11 Health wishes Corwin the best of luck for his surgery

Double Baggin' It - Advocating

"Double Baggin' It" is here again with another video! Patient Coaches Danielle Gulden and Joe Teeters discuss how they got involved with advocacy work and becoming active in the Crohn's and Colitis chapter. They recently traveled to Washington D.C. to have the opportunity to be in front of legislatures

Christine Joyce - Hydration Observation

Get ready for another hydration observation! Patient Coach Christine Joyce is here to show the importance of logging how much water you have consumed. As an ostomate, it is essential to stay hydrated at all times! Christine Joyce

Sophia Park - Going to School w/ my Ostomy Bag

Calling all students! Patient Coach Sophia Park is here to talk to you about going to school with an ostomy. Sophia made sure to think of the positive things about her ostomy while she attended school and wore what was most comfortable for her. She was able to get back

Double Baggin' It - Having an Ostomate Best Friend

You are not alone! Patient Coaches Danielle Gulden and Joe Teeters are here to talk about the importance of having someone that is going through similar situations. Danielle and Joe are permanent ostomates and best friends who can tell each other anything without judgment! Double Baggin' It