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Katie Vyn - Advocating as a Patient

How can you advocate for yourself as a patient? Patient Coach Katherine Vyn is here to discuss being comfortable standing up for yourself and communicating your needs to your healthcare professionals. Kathrine's family helped her communicate her feelings while in the hospital. Doctors and nurses do appreciate the questions you

Sierra Cabezas - Weight Fluctuations

Be kind to yourself! Patient Coach, Sierra Cabezas, is here to talk about weight management and mental health. When having a chronic illness, weight management can be difficult to control. In addition, keeping a healthy mindset can also be a struggle for patients. Sierra understands these struggles because she has

Ostomy Exercises

Episode 1Wondering about how you can workout with an ostomy? Patient Coach Ryan Stevens and Nurse Manager Maggie Baldwin are here to help! They have different exercises to show for the upper body that are comfortable for ostomates. Episode 2Patient Coach Ryan Stevens and Nurse Coordinator Maggie Baldwin are here

Taylor Carmack - Being Active

Patient Coach, Taylor Carmack, is here to talk to you about being an active ostomate. As an avid dance teacher, Taylor is always on the move performing different activities.  She recommends taking things slow when being active and to listen to your body to avoid further injuries. Taylor Carmack

Alfred Smartcare - Hydration Test

We are excited to announce that we have just launched our new dehydration risk test in our “Alfred SmartCare” app. Dehydration in ostomy patients is a huge risk and a leading cause for readmission into the hospital. With the Alfred SmartCare app, you can monitor your hydration levels by placing

Alyssa Zeldenrust - Make-Up to Wake-Up

Not feeling your best? Patient Coach, Alyssa Zeldenrust, is here to show you a makeup tutorial and how to push through on a rough day. Alyssa knows what it is like to feel fatigued and wants to show you how to highlight your natural beauty with a little bit of

J-Pouch Hints

Patient Coach, Moniqua Demetrious, is here to show you what you can do with a J-Pouch! From enjoying physical activities to worrying less about leaks, she wants you to know that things can become less stressful with a J-Pouch. Moniqua Demetrious